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If you live in Calif. you have been trained to be water conscientious. You may have heard that new laws have been passed recently regarding sprinkler systems in our state. You might have heard that the new sprinkler requirements will make repairs more expensive… Well you might be right but were going to look at the benefits as well.

We will be writing a multiple articles answering the following questions:

-Why do you need these new sprinkler heads California is requiring?

-What makes these new sprinkler heads different?

-Where do I buy these new CA-specific sprinkler heads?

-How much do these new sprinkler heads cost? What sort of savings can I expect on my water bill?

-Benefits from using these new California sprinkler heads.

-Which brand of sprinkler heads you should buy.

Why do you need these new sprinkler heads that the great state of California is requiring?

On 8/28/2019, the state officially adopted new regulations that will require any sprinkler heads that are sold via retailers (Home Depot, Lowes) and wholesale irrigation suppliers to be pressure regulated sprinkler heads. Just like many other products, the state has specific requirements for what can be sold in line with the regulations. So those cheap Chinese-made sprinkler heads currently being touted at the big box stores will no longer be available.

The idea is to continually improve outdoor water usage (typically 50-60% of residential water consumption). Most new sprinkler heads will be regulated at 30 or 40 PSI (pounds per sq. Inch). So to answer the question at the outset you need the new required sprinkler heads because the other non pressure regulated sprinkler heads will not be available to buy.

And to give you a quick dose of positivity you will use less water with these heads.

Fortunately the state offers rebates to help offset the cost of the new heads and they may be increasing the rebates by 400% soon! As mentioned you will see some water saving benefits and in the next articles I will discuss details of what sort of water savings you can expect and how to achieve MAXIMUM water savings with these new heads.

Stay tuned!

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